Sunday, January 08, 2012

first post in 2012(:
nowadays hardly any one blogs anymore, isn't it?
hahaha. i guess i still will
just not as frequent

christmas was good
celebrations with different groups of people
the year ended well, not too bad(:

month of january
new year, new resolutions, new planning to follow
holidays ended, school started
CNY coming and cough birthday cough. hahahaha
a month where people go fat!!!!
hahaha. and those who are already fat gets fatter(:
people like me....someone will sure agree!!!
right, mr tan?

M 1:39 AM

Sunday, October 16, 2011

haven't update for ages.long hiatus
feeling both happy and sad for the last day of hols
off course most people wouldn't mind having longer hols
and school isn't exactly the most fun thing ever
so that explains the sad part
but we're certainly happy to see our old friends again!!!(:

so anyway, i felt that this hols was the best ever.
other than working and meeting new awesome people
i personally learn a lot from every one i meet
whatever their background is, rich or poor, young or old
there is sure one thing that we can learn from them
therefore, i benefited a lot and wish to be just like them

and the most fulfilling thing this hols is that
i am more clear of what i actually want to achieve in life
and i will want to work hard towards it
believing in myself and striving towards my goal(:
so i hope everyone can find out what they want to achieve in life too!!!

M 3:09 PM

Friday, October 07, 2011

i need to be up in five hours time
and at this hour, i'm not doing anything
except reflection.

why reflection?
because only through reflection,
we will be able to think through and see a clearer picture.
i not sure if today i have felt that happiness when you strive and accomplished something
but i know that today, i have certainly changed from before
there are still many areas that i can work on
but at least i have put in the effort to change
and i can see the changes that makes me feel happy.
tomorrow will certainly be a better day.
no holding back, always give it your all(:

M 3:18 AM

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sometimes i think i am not trying hard enough
for my dreams, i would have to believe and strive harder

M 12:48 AM

Sunday, September 25, 2011

just a post for everyone.

take a break today, away from everything
think about what you want in life.
your dreams?

do you have one?
if you don't, how are you moving on all these while?
have a dream and set small goals along the way
that will lead you to your dreams.
put in effort and go all out for it!

be in studies or your future.
think for yourself!

i had a small dream since poly year one
and that was to get into uni for my parents
and also to allow my mum to live a better life
i don't want her to continue living life,
worrying about money, money and more money
and i thought that education is the only way out.
so i strive for it and at times i got lost
but i always found my way back to track
it was tough because i wasn't the A student back then in sac

but now i feel that other than improving her lifestyle,
i also want her to retire asap.
retire in the sense that she will not need to worry about money at all
but she can still work part time just for interest
and so that she wont have to bore herself and coop at home
i want her to be healthy too.

therefore, i will work hard towards my dream(:
hopefully, i can let her retire before or at least by 30.
i will graduate from uni at 24,
lets say i take 3 years to pay all my uni and poly bills
i have 3years more to set up my own family
and also, save to let them retire

M 1:45 PM



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